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Looking For a Career Change? What about a Fashion Designer?

Doing the same job every day for years on end can become very tiresome and many people will look for something else after a while. Making a career change can be very daunting though as there is always the concern that things may not work out. In addition to the apprehension involved, there is also the question of just what new career you should move into. For one London escort, the fashion industry is beckoning.


Part of the Job

Naomi, who has been an escort with PalaceVIP now for 5 years, says that fashion goes hand in hand with escorting so it is a fairly easy transition for her. “It is always important to look your best as an escort, and that means having the right clothes”, she said. “Clothes can be expensive though, especially the brand name items, so to save money I started making my own”, she added. “Now about half of my wardrobe is stuff that I made myself and I had the idea that I had might as well try opening my very own fashion label”, she continued.

“Some of my earlier efforts didn’t go so well but, with practice, I started getting better and better”, said Naomi. “My escort friends have taken an interest and I am currently making a couple of made-to-measure for my closest friends”. “If all goes well, then I will consider opening up my own boutique fashion store and going into business full time”, she finished.